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We've broken ground on a new building to house the Community Outreach Center, but there's still a long way to go before essential services can resume.


11 Remsen Avenue, Monsey, NY 10952

Planned dedication date:

July 2017


For the last 20 years, Community Outreach Center (COC) has been a key provider of social and housing services, public health and educational programs and workforce development for the greater Rockland County area. We function as a liaison to public agencies, offering guidance and support to our constituents. By assuring access to excellent, cost-effective, comprehensive services, we promote better health and safety for the individuals and families in our care.

Community Outreach Center case managers serve as navigators and advocates for anyone who is in need of financial and social services.


Schools throughout Rockland County benefit from COC program evaluations, assuring they meet all government standards. We also maintain professional teams that provide school staff with educator workshops to advance their skills.

Your generous donation will empower us to:

Furnish students in grades 1-6 with school bags and supplies, mentorship, examination prep and remedial assistance

Provide teens ages 14-17 wth a balanced mix of academic support recreational activities and annual field trips

Host weekly lectures and continuing education programs for senor citizens and adult students.



students / day

receive educational assistance



attend Pre-K classes



receive aid for limited English proficiency (LEP) students

Professional Development

The COC teaches unemployed and returning workers professional skills (resume building, interviewing finesse) to boost workplace readiness. We also organize job fairs, empowering seekers to find meaningful employment.

With your support, we will:

Provide needy individuals with training in computer applications and financial and money management.

Offer additional ESL classes to increase language proficiency for those we serve.

$1M will restore programs affected by budget cuts.



COC workshops

have helped residents gain employment


ESL classes/year

are at capacity due to high demand

Nutritional Support

The COC serves nutritious, balanced snacks and full meals to children, teens, adults and senior citizens every day. We also deliver meals to housebound elderly residents who otherwise might go hungry.

Your kind gift will empower us to:

More than double the number of healthy meals served per week

Prepare meals from a commercial-grade kitchen

Keep pace with growing demand for high-quality dietary assistance



County residents

live below the poverty level in Rockland County (1 out of 7)*



people depend on charitable assistance*

Social Services

The COC is more than a set of utilitarian benefits: we are also a community hub and a meeting place with heart. While offering impartial counsel and advice that ensures residents in need get the help they deserve, we also provide residents with a place to chat, make friends, improve themselves and share a laugh (or two).

Your beneficent gifts will enable us to:

Continue advising residents on how to engage with programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, homecare and property-tax relief.

Provide more space and weekly programs for seniors, including a larger gym for enrollment and operation.




benefitted from COC aid last year


COC Navigators

serve dozens of residents every month

Public Health & Safety

The COC conducts safety workshops and an annual health & safety expo focused on safe bicycling, driving and walking, healthcare, fire safety and more. We also employ an on-site technician who’s certified to assist with child passenger safety seat inspections.

Through your generosity, we will:

Expand our pedestrian safety program which includes safety awareness training and bike helmet distribution.

Reinstate programs that will educate residents on the importance of immunizations and wellness.



ACA applications

processed by COC case navigators



receive our monthly safety awareness bulletin


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